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Support for the “Cat House” Shelter

Support for the “Cat House” Shelter

To bolster the efforts of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (VMF) at the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies (LBTU), AS “LNK Industries” has teamed up with the real estate agency “Latvia Sotheby’s International Realty” to contribute 10 000 euros to the Small Animal Shelter.

The LBTU VMF Small Animal Shelter, which now includes the newly established cat shelter “Cat House”, opened its doors last spring, in Jelgava, with backing from AS “LNK Industries” and the “LNK Charity Fund”. It serves as a warm, secure, and aesthetically pleasing haven for animals awaiting adoption. While the animals now reside in modern facilities, the ongoing maintenance and care, particularly for the cats, entail considerable daily expenses. Therefore, to ensure the shelter’s continued operation and provision of essential items, such as wood pellet litter, completion of room arrangements, veterinary services, and other household necessities, AS “LNK Industries” and “Latvia Sotheby’s International Realty” have jointly contributed additional funds to the VMF Small Animal Shelter.

The combined support from AS “LNK Industries” and “Latvia Sotheby’s International Realty” plays a crucial role in enhancing the appeal of “Cat House” as a welcoming environment for cats in need of care and new homes. This support is instrumental in aiding individuals to choose their four-legged family companion.

This represents just one aspect of AS “LNK Industries” ongoing support for our furry friends. In autumn 2022, the company’s backing led to the opening of “Cat’s Heart”, a shelter and veterinary clinic situated at Kauguru Street 10 in Pārdaugava, which has since been operating successfully. The project came to fruition through collaboration between the “LNK Charity Fund” and the cat rescue volunteer organization “Cat Assistance Center ‘Remi’.

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