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The Project “Toy Symphony”

The LNK Charity Fund, in collaboration with LNK Industries, has supported the ambitious “Toy Symphony” project.

The “Toy Symphony” is a special Christmas charity concert for families – last December it was attended by 600 listeners, including children from special schools, and underprivileged families. During the concert, over 800 toys were donated. In partnership with the Herman Braun Foundation, the “Toy Symphony” has been a recurring event for several years already, sustained by the long-term support of the LNK Charity Fund.

The project’s charitable focus reflects the foundation’s commitment to support children in difficult life situations by creating a festive feeling during the magical Christmas season.

This year, the foundation allocated 2000 EUR to its organizational needs. Additionally, this year’s support included sharing some of the donated toys with other charities: the “Children’s Morning” fund and the “Latvian Foster Family Association,” with whom the LNK Charity Fund has a long-standing collaboration.

We are deeply gratified to support these young lives and extend our thanks to everyone who donated a beloved toy at the event!

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