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About us
Shaping structures that change the outlook of our region

Headquartered in Riga, Latvia, LNK Industries is an award-winning company with a clear strategic focus on big-scale, ambitious projects.

The company is noted for its increasingly innovative, self-reliant project development, unmatched engineering expertise and comprehensive construction services.


LNK Industries’ core expertise lies within four areas:

  • Industrial and commercial facilities,
  • Residential construction,
  • Civil engineering,
  • Maritime construction.

Clients can depend on LNK Industries’ scalable, in-house production facilities for reinforced concrete and steel structures, as well as our powerful modern equipment and heavy machinery fleet. 

Possessing such a wealth of resources ensures reliability and project economies that we can pass on to our clients as a construction partner — we make promises that we can keep. 

Powerful engineering think tank built on dedicated engineering team and qualified workforce
Shorter supply chains powered by our in-house manufacturing capabilities and machinery fleet
Synergies of diverse expertise in hydrotechnical engineering, underground structures and bottom-up construction create an extra value boost for our clients
Decades of hands-on construction experience manifesting in efficient project development
A to Z timely implementation based on innovations combined with well-established business practices
An expanding think tank with a focused geographical presence
Marked by numerous milestone development stages and projects, our decades-long growth is propelled by the superior performance standards of our team of over 100 dedicated professionals.

Focusing on our native Baltic region, we have built up significant expertise and an outstanding project portfolio, staying in the avant-garde of the construction industry.

The driving factors behind our work

Striving to always be better

Since the foundation of LNK Industries, we have known — striving to be better creates know-how. Now our clients can benefit from the know-how we’ve gathered from many years in the construction of turnkey projects and industrial facilities.

Reliability through integration

With our integrated company structure, we can promise shorter supply chains and more overall reliability for the whole project. This enables us to succeed in the realisation of highly complex projects, with time, cost and quality advantages.

Engineering that brings extra value

Innovative yet reliable and sharp engineering is in our DNA. We take pride in our ability to tailor innovative solutions ad hoc for each project we take on.

Care for people and their well-being

It’s simple — we work safely or not at all. Safe and smooth cooperation between people should lie at the heart of the construction industry. LNK Industries fosters an environment based on healthy and mutual respect for all employee backgrounds.

Deep expertise, broad experience

People are at the centre of what we do. We build our working relationships on trust and caring for each other, paying the utmost attention to the safety and well-being of our diverse and multicultural team. That’s why most of our employees choose to stay with the company for their life-long careers.

A resourceful LNK Industries team is composed of over 150 engineering talents, close to 100 machinery operators and around 200 trained construction workers. Both its experienced leadership and the energetic employees working at the numerous sites thrive on overcoming challenges with fresh ideas, while relying on skill and knowledge. 

LNKI Team_04

Davids Lipkins

Chairman of the Council

LNKI Team_14

Andrejs Subočs

Deputy Chairman of the Council

Company Management
LNKI Team_10

Artjoms Milovs

Chairman of the Board

LNKI Team_09

Kaspars Ratkevičs​

Member of the Board


Genadijs Kamkalovs


Departments management
LNKI Team_12

Sergejs Komarovs

Director of Civil Construction Projects

LNKI Team_13

Staņislavs Kumpiņš

Technical Director

LNKI Team_06

Elvita Riekstiņa

Document Systems Manager

LNKI Team_03

Andrejs Bočkarjovs

Director of Infrastructure Project Production

LNKI Team_01

Vadims Bogdanovs

Technical Director: in charge of infrastructure projects

LNKI Team_02

Aleksandrs Stasens

Head of Technical Unit

LNKI Team_11

Nataļja Dolgušina

Chief Accountant

LNKI Team_05

Deniss Evins

Head of Information Technology Department

LNKI Team_08

Jūlija Belkina

Head of Marketing Department

LNK Industries is a professional, highly qualified and certified team of engineers.
Team core values

Difficulties are no excuse for not delivering. Our commitment to the task means that we guarantee superior performance, no matter the obstacles. 

Openness to challenge

Ambitious projects and demanding circumstances? We welcome them! The trickier the task, the more fun it is to solve.

Professional growth

Never stop with what you already know — one of our team’s guiding principles, embarked on a journey of continuous growth.

Quality without compromise

Full compliance with laws and regulations reinforced by a conduct which is ethical, honest and fair — this is our formula for achieving outstanding performance.

Thinking outside the box

Extraordinary situations cannot be solved with a standardised mindset. Our experience today enables us to be confident and creative explorers of tomorrow’s trends. 


We are comfortable with an everchanging world and ready to adapt: be it regulations, supply chains, technologies and materials, the business environment or climate conditions.


We rely on each professional that works for us because they know that reputation is our most valuable asset. That, in turn, makes us a trustworthy partner for all our associates. 

Environmental and work safety

Employee health and the highest safety standards are non-disputable requirements. The same applies to environmental protection, and we expect all our suppliers to be on the same page. 

On a mission to deliver landmark-worthy results

We inspire innovation and nurture the erudite expertise of our in-house engineering think tank

We maximize the efficiency of construction and project management processes

We pass on the benefits of over 200-strong in-house construction workforce

We boast a large machinery fleet of over 100 vehicles commanded by professional operators

We offer single-source accountability throughout a project

We deliver consistent quality and overall project performance

Enabling complex a-z solutions

LNK Industries ranks as an energetic market flagship — an innovative construction supplier and complex solutions enabler. Such projects as the historical Mežaparks Grand Bandstand, landmark sports facilities like Daugava Stadium, the VIZIUM Science and Innovation Centre and 

the House of Science at the University of Latvia, or the Rail Baltica railway station project and related infrastructure at Riga airport, all change the world we live in. We are proud to be a big part of that change.

Doing business with integrity and transparency
Striving to always be better​

Since the foundation of LNK Industries, we have known — striving to be better creates know-how. Our clients can benefit from the know-how we’ve gathered from many years in the construction of turnkey projects and complex manufacturing. 

Reliability through integration

With our integrated company structure, we can promise shorter supply chains and greater overall reliability for the whole project. This enables us to succeed in the realisation of highly complex tasks, with time, cost and quality advantages. 

Giving back

The LNK Charity Fund, founded by LNK Industries over a decade ago, supports those who are in greater need — such as children and adults with severe health problems and special needs, or low-income families. The foundation also supports sports, culture and education, and even takes care of sick and distressed animals.

The vision and goals of the organisations we support unite and inspire us, such as, the Rēzekne Autism Society,, the Remi cat shelter, the Children’s Morning charity foundation and others.

For several years now, LNK Industries continues the tradition of donating the budget allocated for seasonal representational gifts to different charities.

Organisations like the Marta Crisis Centre or SOS Children’s Villages receive support to the amount of at least € 30,000 each year. This kind of support helps change people’s lives and makes the world a better place for all of us.