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Latvija, LV-1013

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Our teams work with our clients on large and complex projects. So is our know-how and expertise.
We empower our diverse expert team with an inclusive and supportive work environment that fits both those who want to spend more time at the office as well as those who prefer hybrid work, offering opportunities for development and inspiring them to achieve maximum results.

We’ve built a tightly-knit team with regular team-building sports and educational events. We find meaningful connections through doing things together, be it over a chess table or while having a smoothie.

Stronger together

We are who we are today thanks to the extraordinary knowledge and dedication of our employees. LNK Industries has a great team, where every person makes a unique contribution to our formula for success. 

Working together on interdisciplinary solutions, we value the unique experience and perspective brought by each of our team members. LNK Industries consistently invests in building a united, efficient and motivated team. We support employees’ participation in sports events and encourage healthy lifestyles.

We greatly contribute to the development of the LNK Sport project, sponsoring the weekly athletic training sessions and fostering employees’ team spirit and health. 

Such regular joint sports events bring additional value, helping the team to get to know each other and learn to work together, improving their communication skills. They also learn to trust their colleagues, deal with unusual situations and create a fun and exciting atmosphere.

It’s simple — we work safely or not at all. We minimise risks and promote a positive safety culture through continuous enhancement of our work processes. We bring our corporate values to bear by consistently relying on a practice of personal responsibility and commitment. What matters is the impact we make together.
Safe and smooth cooperation between people should lie at the heart of complex task management. LNK Industries fosters an environment based on mutual respect for all employee backgrounds.
Achieving more

We are proud of the professional development of our employees and recognise their achievements. It is important for us that our employees continuously learn and develop their professional skills.

The company supports employee participation in professional seminars and conferences, as well as nominations for construction industry competitions, 

where we have a proud track record of receiving awards and recognitions year after year — for completed projects and for our demonstrated professionalism, knowledge and contribution to the construction industry. LNK Industries invests in its employees and their professional future, recognising everyone’s value, and strengthening their sense of confidence and responsibility.

Join us in shaping the way our world works and connects.

Most LNK Industries team members come here to stay. If you share our values, don’t hesitate to apply!
In case there are no suitable vacancies available at the moment, just send us your CV and motivation letter via email