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Charity Project “Better Together”

Charity Project “Better Together”

The “LNK Charity Foundation,” in collaboration with “LNK Industries” AS, has initiated a new charity project called “Better Together” – meticulously prepared food boxes for the underprivileged. This project was jointly developed by the “LNK Charity Foundation” and “LNK Industries” AS in the fall of 2023. The initiative entails carefully curated food boxes containing essential items for underprivileged seniors and single parents.

The project’s title, “Better Together,” highlights its essence – practical support for those in need through the monthly donation and delivery of food boxes filled with various essential items. Recipients have been receiving this assistance regularly at the beginning of each month since last fall.

The objective of the “Better Together” project is to alleviate the daily struggles of underprivileged seniors and single parents. These individuals, despite facing life’s challenges, continue to demonstrate humanity by assisting others. Many of them raise children single-handedly, manage with minimal resources, and dedicate their spare time to charitable endeavors such as volunteering at animal shelters, assisting neighbors, or contributing to the development of their local communities.

The foundation’s aim is to foster positive societal changes, ensuring every resident feels secure and receives assistance during challenging times. If you know someone who fits the target audience for the “Better Together” project, please contact the foundation via email:, providing the individual’s contact details. While the number of project recipients is limited, the foundation will review each application within its capabilities. This initiative aims to provide practical support to those least expecting it but in dire need. Through mutual support, we can create a present full of opportunities and a future of safety and prosperity.

Only by standing together can we build strength and prosperity!

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