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Generala Radzina embankment
Riga, Latvia
Commissioned by
Riga City Council
Designed by
RBBL consortium (AS LNK Industries, SIA Binders, SIA Nordes Būve)
February 2023
October 2023

Generala Radzins Embankment was rebuilt as part of Rail Baltica, a European rail infrastructure project. Through this project, safe and modern pedestrian, bicycle, and public transportation solutions have been built in the area adjacent to the Central Station. RBBL, a consortium formed of AS LNK Industries, SIA Binders, and SIA Nordes Buve, reconstructed the intersection of 11th November Embankment, 13th January Street, and Generalis Radzina Embankment, including the junction between the embankment and Puskina Street. During the reconstruction of the embankment, underground and engineering communications were also rebuilt. Among these communications are water and sewerage networks, gas supply systems, and electricity supply and distribution networks.

To add to that, a bridge over the canal and the street surrounding Riga Central Market have undergone renovation. There were construction works on the city canal in the area where the Titanic shopping centre once stood. To make the canalside accessible for everyone, steps and a ramp were built on the opposite side of Praga Street. Around the ramp area, a sidewalk, landscaping elements, and greenery have been installed. As part of the project, the embankment was landscaped and renovated to make it more accessible to pedestrians and cyclists. In this area, the cycling path connecting Maskavas Street to the future Rail Baltica railway bridge was rebuilt as well.

In addition to functional improvements, redevelopment of the embankment also incorporates environmentally friendly solutions. The contractors moved a red oak planted during the construction of the bus station in the 1960s to its new, permanent location on Generalis Radzins Embankment. The tree, a relatively rare species in Latvia, weighed about 40 tons with metal auxiliary structures. The nine-hour operation involved multiple companies and services to ensure its success and incorporate the red oak into the area of Generala Radzina Embankment.

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