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Awards and Honors: “Latvian Construction of the Year Award 2023” and “Latvian Engineer of the Year in Construction 2023”

Awards and Honors: “Latvian Construction of the Year Award 2023” and “Latvian Engineer of the Year in Construction 2023

The Latvian Construction of the Year celebrates outstanding achievements in architecture and construction across Latvia and abroad (if carried out by Latvian citizens). For the past 10 years, the awards ceremony has been organized by the Building Design and Construction Council.

JSC “LNK Industries” excels in this competition with the following achievements

Grand Prix: Reconstruction and restoration of the Riga Castle Convent, located at Pils Square 3, Riga. Client: VAS VNĪ. The project, part of the Riga Castle Castella project, was designed by MARK ARCHITECTS and SILVER ARCHITECTURE, with construction carried out by LNK Industries and supervision by Būvalts.

Nomination “NEW ENGINEERING STRUCTURE” 2nd place: Daugava Crossing in Riga. Client: RD Public Spaces and Mobility Department. Project by PS TILTPROJEKTS, SKA project, and SZ Office. Construction executed by Partnership “Personu apvienība OTC,” which includes JSC “LNK Industries,” with supervision by Company L4.

3rd place: Coastal defense structure – groyne in Liepaja. Client: Liepaja City Council. Project by HT-Consulting. Construction by LNK Industries, supervised by Isliena V.

Nomination “TERRITORY IMPROVEMENT” 2nd place: Implementation of infrastructure related to Rail Baltica in central Riga. Client: Riga City Council. Project by BRD project. Construction carried out by Partnership “RBBL,” including JSC “LNK Industries,” with supervision by Company L4.

In addition, professionals from JSC “LNK Industries” are recognized in the “Latvian Engineer of the Year in Construction 2023” competition. This competition aims to honor construction specialists who demonstrate exceptional dedication and proficiency in their field.

Nomination “Project Manager”: 2nd place awarded to Valdis Čerpakovskis, Project manager, LNK Industries.

Nomination “Construction Manager” recognitions go to LNK Industries construction managers: Dmitrijs Šuškevičs, Mārtiņš Slišāns, Romans Baranovs.

Photo: Renārs Koris

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