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General Radziņš Promenade in Riga is set to be officially opened by the end of this month

General Radziņš Promenade in Riga is set to be officially opened by the end of this month

The promenade has undergone a comprehensive renovation to ensure safe and convenient mobility. This transformation included the reconstruction of two bridges over the city canal, the installation of stairs, ramps, and a quay to provide access to the canal shore, the renewal of public transport infrastructure, and the addition of new pedestrian crossings. Furthermore, a pedestrian and cyclist path ramp, designed as an environmental feature, has been constructed, and a bicycle parking area will be available in the Gogoļa Street tunnel. Residents now have access to a newly landscaped recreational area.

Kaspars Ratkevics, a board member at hashtag#LNKIndustries, highlights:

“LNK Industries takes pride in the work completed on Ģ. Radziņa embankment and its surroundings, accomplished through the collaboration of “RBBL,” where three companies united forces: SIA “Binders,” AS “LNK Industries,” and SIA “Nordes Būve. The embankment reconstruction resulted in the creation of a new bicycle and pedestrian ramp, a pontoon pier at the former “Titāniks” shopping center location, shoreline revitalization, and the reconstruction of two city canal bridges. Underground engineering communications were also upgraded during the construction. The project, from design to construction, had to meet exceptionally tight deadlines. It was crucial to consider that the project was located in the historic center of Riga, a bustling area undergoing ambitious RB Rail AS | Rail Baltica construction alongside our project. Despite these challenges, successful teamwork and coordination among all stakeholders enabled us to tackle any complexities that arose during construction. We seamlessly integrated the Rail Baltica railway infrastructure into Riga’s city center infrastructure, while adhering to quality standards and established timelines. Now, the capital boasts another well-appointed area accessible to all-pedestrians and cyclists alike, complemented by a recreational space for Riga’s residents and visitors. We take great pride in contributing to the enhancement of the embankment’s charm, one of Riga’s iconic landmarks.”

The restoration of General Radziņš Promenade is an integral part of the Rail Baltica railway infrastructure integration project.

The construction is being carried out by the joint venture ”RBBL,” featuring LNK Industries.

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