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Apartment building Heart of Hanza
Riga, Latvia
Commissioned by
SIA LNK Properties
Project type
Designed by
AS LNK Industries, SIA AB3D
November 2023

In Riga, Heart of Hanza is a class A apartment building under development on Hanzas Street. The ambitious project is the largest civil construction project undertaken by LNK Industries.

The apartment building Heart of Hanza is located in the city’s historical centre, which is considered a UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage protection zone. For this reason, LNK Industries performs construction projects in accordance with specially developed rules for the construction of residential buildings in order to preserve the order of the historical center.The building’s construction volume is divided into four parts to match the scale of Riga’s center and help it fit in seamlessly.

The Heart of Hanza multi-apartment building sits on a foundation of 968 piles, most of which outline the basement’s perimeter. Reinforced concrete, a high-quality, business-scale solution, is used in the  Heart of Hanza project in place of panels commonly used in construction. The building’s walls and beams are made of reinforced concrete. Monolithic concrete materials are used in the courtyard area where the basement features prefabricated ceiling panels.

A total of 127 apartments are available in the building, with an average size of 45 m2 to 350 m2 (including terraces). The first floor of the seven-story building consists of 350 m2 of office space and four commercial spaces totaling 1,645 m2. In the Heart of Hanza project, high-efficiency thermal insulation materials are used, and each apartment is equipped with a heat recovery ventilation system. 

The house basement has storage rooms, car parking spaces, motorcycle and scooter parking spaces, and bike storage for residents’ convenience. Through the installation of electric scooters and electric car charging stations in the basement of the building, the developer promotes sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

The Heart of Hanza housing project, also known as the heart of Hanza Street, is being developed as a friendly space. In the well-maintained backyard of the house, there is a green area with a well-kept lawn and landscaped greenery, recreational zones, and playgrounds. In the closed courtyard, there will be no car traffic.

The  Heart of Hanza apartment building is developed by LNK Properties, constructed by LNK Industries, and designed by AB3D. It is expected to be completed by the end of 2025.

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