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Construction Begins on ‘H3B’ Project in Riga’s Historical Center

Construction Begins on ‘H3B’ Project in Riga’s Historical Center

LNK Industries has commenced construction on the ‘H3B’ project, a multi-apartment and commercial property located in the historical center of Riga on Hanza Street. ‘H3B’ is set to be a Class A residential building, offering 127 apartments with sizes ranging from 45 to 350 square meters. The ground floor will feature three office spaces, each 350 square meters, alongside four commercial units totaling 1,645 square meters.

This project represents the largest civil construction endeavor by ‘LNK Industries’ to date. Work on the site has begun with the installation of foundation piles. In the coming weeks, temporary Berlin-type retaining walls will be constructed along Hanza Street to ensure the stability of neighboring buildings, which will be under continuous surveillance.

The building’s foundation will consist of 968 piles, primarily outlining the basement’s perimeter. Its structure will incorporate reinforced concrete walls and beams, as well as monolithic ceilings. The basement’s courtyard area will feature prefabricated ceiling panels.

Given the building’s location in the UNESCO World Heritage Site conservation zone, all construction is proceeding with strict adherence to regulations that protect Riga’s historical center. The completion and opening of the building are scheduled for early 2026. ‘LNK Properties’ is developing the project, with ‘AB3D’ providing architectural and interior design services.

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