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Sarkandaugava flyover
Riga, Latvia
Commissioned by
Riga City Council Transport Department
Designed by
Infrastructure SIA Tiltprojekts
Spring 2020
End of 2022

The Sarkandaugava flyover is part of the Eastern Motorway — an ambitious traffic infrastructure project aimed at connecting the Port of Riga with the Southern Bridge and redirecting traffic around the city centre. The flyover, built by LNK Industries in cooperation with Binders, ensures the smooth flow of vehicles and pedestrians, and micro-mobility across the tracks of the Riga—Skulte railway line, thus, relieving the nearby level crossings at Tilta Street and Ezera Street.
The flyover consists of nine separate span structures and is 454.4 metres long without turnouts. A major challenge during the project was the need to ensure a 35-metre spacing between the flyover pillars in the section over Viestura Avenue. As a result, a solution rarely found in Latvia was applied: an extradosed span structure supported by high-strength post-tensioned steel reinforcement and additionally held in place by a pylon truss. In order to avoid any impact on passenger trains, the span of the flyover above the railway tracks was constructed without formworks in difficult access conditions, using 20-metre-long pre-stressed reinforced concrete beams.

The project is unusual due to the complex utility system involved, consisting of electricity, lighting, storm sewerage, water supply, electronic communication networks, as well as a rail and tram catenary system. Latvia’s only crossing of railway tracks with tram tracks was reconstructed as part of the project and a new traffic roundabout at the intersection of Tvaika Street and Sliežu Street was built, using reinforced road borders for the first time in Riga.
To ensure constant acoustic comfort for the residents of the neighbourhood, sound-absorbing barriers have been installed on the flyover and all windows in the apartment buildings in its vicinity were replaced. To further minimise traffic noise, a particularly smooth asphalt concrete surface has been used for the flyover. The project also developed pedestrian and cycling infrastructure: a 1.9-kilometre-long cycle path from Tvaika Street to Mangaļi, as well as a tunnel for pedestrians and cyclists under the railway tracks.

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