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In Liepāja, a groyne, a coastal protection structure, has been passed.

Liepāja City Building Board commissioned a groyne, which was built to protect the wastewater treatment plants in Liepaja from the threat caused by erosion of the seafront.

To the north of the wastewater treatment plants in Liepāja, the groyne (a 225-metre offshore protection structure) has been constructed perpendicular to the shore. Part of it – 177 metres – extends into the sea.

The groyne is made up of geotextile tubes, two or three metres in diameter, filled with sand. The sand-filled pipes are covered by a layer of stone that protects them from damage.


The groyne was built as part of the project “Construction of a groyne in the Baltic Sea”. The aim of this project is to prevent the threat caused by sea coastal erosion to a public infrastructure facility – the wastewater treatment plants in Liepāja – maintaining their existence and the competitiveness of economic activity, and preventing possible environmental and marine pollution, thus ensuring a high-quality living environment for residents.

As observed during the course of this project, the beach alongside the sewage treatment plants has already increased its size. Construction work was started in May 2021 and completed in December 2022 by JSC LNK Industries. The total eligible costs of the project are EUR 6.36 million, of which funding from the European Regional Development Fund made up EUR 4.7 million, and Liepāja city co-financing made up EUR 1.48 million, while state co-financing made up EUR 206,000.

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