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Construction work on the Ķekava bypass continues

Construction work on the Ķekava bypass, a public-private partnership project in road construction, continues. In this project, LNK Industries is responsible for four objects — the infrastructure components of the bypass — including two gears.

Currently, LNK Industries, the largest subcontractor of JSC Ķekava ABT’s artificial structures, is carrying out concrete work on the edge supports of the gears and the upper part of the transition plates.

Construction work on the Ķekava bypass project began as early as the winter of 2022 but was delayed by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and war-induced supply chain disruptions. Finally, works resumed in April 2022 – then, the spring’s flood presented new challenges. The Ķekava bypass is being constructed in a swampy area, so for a successful technique movement, we needed to build temporary roads and be ready to respond quickly to weather changes.

The gears, built by the LNK Industries team, are 70 and 80 meters long. The particular feature of the bypass is its curvature, which for builders means almost no straight angle. Two bridges (cabling) had to be concreted with specific care: 930 m3 of concreting required a whole day of continuous work, and 803 m3 of concrete for 20 hours without interruption. 

Concrete structures have niches for lighting fixtures. Construction works of the culvert have been completed – construction of reinforced concrete structures has been finished.

Within the scope of the installation, the LNK was also responsible for the construction of 2 culverts in 21 and 22 kilometres of the route. To construct culverts, we needed to change the flow direction and replace the unstable soil. After the floor concreting works had been closed, gutters and slopes were mounted at the end.

LNK Industries plans to complete its work in June 2023, but the roundabout will be completed in the end of this year. This will make life much easier for people in Ķekava, those in Riga, and those who would love to avoid the traffic of the capital.

Ķekava Bypass is the first ambitious public-private Partnership (PPP) project in road construction in the Baltic States by private partner JSC Ķekava ABT and public partner RoL Ministry of Transport, represented by Latvian State Roads.

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