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The installation of lighting at LNK Sporta Parks

The installation of lighting at LNK Sporta Parks

managed the installation of lighting at LNK Sporta Parks during the park’s construction.

In total, four towering lighting structures, each reaching 41 meters in height and equipped with 64 projectors, were installed. This endeavor posed a significant challenge, not only in finding suitable locations for these colossal structures but also in executing precise concrete foundation work. The vertical deviation was limited to less than 10 mm, and the horizontal offset to less than 5 mm, demanding meticulous attention to detail. The installation process entailed a comprehensive assessment of various factors, including the stadium roof, external lighting, reflections from nearby structures, mast height, and slope. All of this was achieved with minimal disruption to daily training and games.

Our efforts resulted in lighting that surpassed the standards set by UEFA and LFF. Thanks to exceptional teamwork on this project, we now possess the most advanced lighting system in Latvia and potentially the entire Baltic region.

LNK Properties is overseeing the construction work at the park, with the support of LNK Industries.

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