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Rail Baltica RIX Railway station
Mārupe municipality, Latvia
Commissioned by
The EU Agency for Railways
Designed by
The PROSIV partnership: Sintagma (Italy), Prodex (Slovakia) and Vektors T (Latvia)
Summer 2021

The Rail Baltica station at Riga Airport is the first high-speed rail and air traffic connection hub in the Baltics, one which will offer game-changing mobility opportunities and conveniences for Latvian residents, tourists and transit passengers. LNK Industries is implementing this landmark project in partnership with a team of internationally renowned experts: Binders, the flagship Latvian road construction company, will carry out the road construction works for the project, while the high-speed rail line is being built by SWIETELSKY — an Austrian company-leader in rail infrastructure construction with over 80 years of experience in the market.

In order to occupy the smallest possible area of the airport and not to interfere with passenger access to the existing infrastructure, it was decided to locate the railway line 10 metres above ground on a 1,500-metre-long viaduct built by LNK Industries, which is one of the longest in the Baltic States. It will also be the first railway viaduct in the Baltics to be constructed using high-strength Corten steel. Honouring the tradition of wooden architecture in Latvia, the design team chose wood as the dominating finishing material for the station facade. The project will also include the construction of a railway flyover over the Jūrmala motorway, ensuring uninterrupted traffic flow on the eight-lane motorway. Our vast experience in working in a high-security environment, our ability to carry out construction work without closing down traffic, as well as our experience of using low CO2 emission technologies were the defining factors when the contractor chose LNK Industries for this project. This ambitious project has been designed to provide convenience to all: passengers travelling from the airport by train, as well as those arriving by car, bicycle, electric car or public transport.

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