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A time capsule was bricked at the ground of Riga airport, Rail Baltica station.

On Wednesday, December 7, 2022, on the Rail Baltica International station construction site, a time capsule carrying a message for future generations was bricked into the ground. This event marks a significant change on the site as construction work gradually shifts from ground level to more visible shapes.

This traditional and symbolic event was attended by many officials: the President of Latvia, Egils Levits, the developers and partners of the Rail Baltica project – Minister of Transport Tālis Linkaitis, Zane Petre, Head of the European Commission Representation in Latvia, Kaspars Vingris, Chairman of the Board of European Railways lines., Agnis Driksna, deputy board of R.B. rail, head of the Executive Committee of the Builders’ association B.S.L. Infra Harald Gorres, board Member Edgars Krasnikovs, chairman of Riga Airport Laila Odins, representatives of local governments – Riga Vice-Mayor Vilnis Kirsis, Deputy Chairman of Marupe Municipality Council Valdis Karklins.

A short message was placed into the time capsule – a testimony from today for future generations. To emphasize the Rail Baltica’s national importance for Latvia’s development, the following symbolics were added to the message: the Latvian flag, the Bank of Latvia collection’s coin “Up”, Rail Baltica design guidelines, the Ukrainian flag, a photo from the beginning of construction work in summer 2021 as well as the photo from December 2022.

The capsule was put in one of the supports of the estacade – it will hold a track raised above the motorway. The foundations of the railway station and the baggage tunnel to the future airport Riga terminal are also in an active work process and will remain the main priorities for 2023.

The first ever high-speed railway and aero connections centre in the Baltics will be built around the airport, intended for both passengers and freight. The station’s building will rise above the ground, as Rail Baltica train paths will be on the estacades. Wooden elements will decorate the exterior of the Rail Baltica station building, and the building itself is designed to be all – comfortable, functional and as energy efficient as possible.

The construction of this section of Rail Baltica will establish a potential link for the future development of the cargo fleet. Furthermore, Rail Baltica will provide development impetus to Latvia as a whole, including the airport, which has developed an ambitious development strategy for its territory in the context of the upcoming Rail Baltica station and route.

The station building was first built on three levels – estacade construction structures and driveways with associated infrastructure. The next stage of the work will be the creation, interior decoration and improvement of the facade of the station building. Finally, the construction of the estacade to Riga and New Marupe and railways will follow.

It is planned that passengers will be able to get to the station by newly built railway and at the airport not only by Rail Baltica International high-speed train but also by regularly running regional traffic train. Furthermore, it is planned to provide rail traffic with convenient connecting points every 15 minutes, linking the airport to other regional stations and the Riga Centre.

European Railway lines and the construction company B.S.L. Infra are the contracting authority for constructing the Rail Baltica railway station and related infrastructure at Riga airport. The association consists of Austrian company Swietelsky Aga and Latvian construction companies – road construction firm S.I.A. Binders and one of the largest construction companies in Latvia, specialising in the construction of multifunctional objects, AS LNK Industries.

Construction is based on the project of the winner of the open international competition – PROS IV (syntagma (Italy), Prodex (Slovakia) and vector T (Latvia)).

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