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Riga Castle
Rīga, Latvija
Commissioned by
SJSC State Real Estate
Project type
Designed by
PS Rīgas Pils Kastela projekts - Anastasija Pimenova, Ilona Markuse, Reinis Liepiņš
March 2020
December 2023

LNK Industries in partnership with a locally and internationally renowned expert team has successfully completed large-scale restoration and interior works of the convent (kastel), the oldest part of the Riga castle. With a team of international and local experts, has completed a large-scale restoration and interior works in Kastel, the oldest part of Riga Castle. It is connected to the forecourt of Riga Castle and the eastern side, which currently houses the president’s official residence.

LNK Industries has been on a mission to renovate the Remtera Hall and the Chapel and revive the original spaciousness of the castle. Resultantly, the Riga Castle has revealed ample evidence from its earliest days. These include the 600-year-old hot air or hypocaust oven, historical decorations from different periods, previously unknown wall paintings in the chapel and the Remtera Hall, as well as a 16th-century mural on the south side of the facade. Apart from the mezzanine coverings removed in the Chapel and Remtera Hall, the original ceiling height has been restored. Additional safety solutions have been implemented in Remtera Hall to improve its resilience and ensure the stability of columns embedded in the wall.

With the renovation of the convent, The Latvian National History Museum returns to its historical home and opens part of its exhibition. Following the restoration and reconstruction of the castle’s remaining rooms, the main exposition of Latvian history will also be installed in the castle. Nearly 16 million euros (excl. VAT) are invested in the Riga Castle project. In cooperation with LNK Industries, 4,400 m2, out of 11,900 m2 in the Riga castle, are being renovated at this stage.


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