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Riga Castle Convent Unveiled: A Historic Milestone

Riga Castle Convent Unveiled: A Historic Milestone

In an event held at Riga Castle, the renovated Riga Castle Convent was officially opened almost five months ahead of schedule on December 4th. The extensive reconstruction focused on both functional and visual restoration, modernizing the infrastructure to meet contemporary needs and creating suitable museum spaces.

Original medieval elements were uncovered and restored, showcasing the timeless character of the spaces. The restoration preserved the original appearance, including the basement and two main museum rooms—the chapel and the banquet hall (refectory).

Renārs Griškevičs, Chairman of the Board of the State Real Estate (VNĪ), expressed gratitude for the completion of the project, emphasizing the commitment to historical preservation and modern museum spaces. The sustainability principles incorporated reclaimed building materials, ensuring a harmonious blend of heritage and modernity.

Riga Castle has been the home of the Latvian National History Museum (LNVM) since 1920. The museum is set to fully occupy the renovated castle by the second half of 2025, boasting three new permanent exhibitions.

Director of LNVM, Dr. hist. Arnis Radiņš, shared excitement for the conclusion of the reconstruction, marking a significant chapter for the Baltic Sea region’s memory institutions. The return to the historical home after a decade hiatus signifies a new era for the museum.

Kaspars Ratkevičs, a member of the Board of AS “LNK Industries,” emphasized the respectful restoration of Latvia’s cultural and historical heritage. Despite challenges, the project was completed on time, showcasing the Riga Castle Convent in its historical form.

For AS “LNK Industries,” receiving the keys to Riga Castle as the general contractor in October 2020 marked the commencement of construction work and was a moment of great responsibility. It affirmed our commitment to undertaking the renovation of this historic structure, a significant honor and duty bestowed upon us as the entrusted stewards of one of Latvia’s largest medieval castles. Today, as we hand over the keys to the castle’s custodians, I can confidently state that we executed our work with utmost respect and care for Latvia’s cultural and historical heritage. Within the framework of the Riga Castle Convent reconstruction and restoration phases I and II, we conducted interior refurbishments, restored two significant interiors—the Remter and Chapel’s historical two-story structures—and undertook surface restoration. We take great pride in the fact that, despite the typical challenges of restoration work and unforeseen global emergencies, we managed to complete the project on schedule. This accomplishment stands as a testament to the constructive and professional efforts of our entire team. Today, a portion of the Riga Castle Convent can once again be appreciated in its historical form,” emphasized Kaspars Ratkevičs, a board member of AS “LNK Industries.”

Architects involved in the project, Anastasija Pimenova, Ilona Markuse, and Reinis Liepiņš, highlighted the challenges and successes in merging historical periods, restoring unique halls, and exploring new archaeological discoveries.

The total project budget, nearly 26 million euros, was allocated by the Ministry of Culture from the state budget and the European Regional Development Fund. The completion of the Riga Castle Convent marks a successful collaboration in preserving Latvia’s significant cultural heritage.

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