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AS “LNK Industries” to reconstruct and restore Riga Castle convent building

The reconstruction of the object envisages the restoration and improvement of the part of the Riga Castle convent building (Castellum) – the exhibition and work premises of the Latvian National Museum of History. The construction works will be performed according to the order of SJSC “Valsts nekustamie īpašumi” (VNĪ) in the amount of 12.43 million euros (excluding VAT), the project is planned to be put into operation in 2024.
In the first stage of the restoration of Riga Castle convent building, it is planned to carry out the reinforcement of the structures and foundations, construction of engineeringnetworks, roof reconstruction works, removal of coverings in the chapel premises, as well as removing the mycological pollution from the premises. In the second stage of construction works, the facade and the interior will be restored and adapted to the needs of the museum.

The total area of the Riga Castle convent building construction project is 11.9 thousand square meters. As a result of the implementation of the AS “LNK Industries” project, works will take place in the area of 6.7 thousand square meters, of which premises with the area of 4.4 thousand square meters will be put into operation. The remaining 5.2 thousand square meters will not be renovated during the Stage I and II – these works will be implemented in the next stages of the renovation of the castle. The renovation of the Riga Castle convent building will be carried out in accordance with the building design developed by the PS “Rīgas pils kastelas projekts” under the leadership of the architect Reinis Liepiņš.

While the castle is under construction, the public is invited to go on a virtual tour of the oldest part of the castle – the convent building:, as well as take a 3D tour of the most important parts of the castle to be renovated: YouTube

In order to preserve the cultural and historical heritage of Latvia, VNĪ has carried out extensive research work in the recent years in cooperation with restoration experts from Venice and the Czech Republic. This reduces the risk of unforeseen work, ensuring that each finding does not hinder the construction process. The convent building is the oldest part of Riga Castle and is directly connected to the forecourt of Riga Castle and its Eastern annex where the premises of the Premises of Latvia and the Chancellery of the President are located.

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