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Mežaparks Grand Bandstand
Riga, Latvia
Commissioned by
Riga City Council Property Department
Project type
Designed by
Austris Mailītis and Juris Poga’s architectural bureau
Spring 2017
Summer 2021

The reconstruction of one of the major cultural landmarks in Riga, the Mežaparks Grand Bandstand, was carried out in several phases. The project encompassed building a new stage with indoor premises and an auditorium, complete with new infrastructure, auxiliary structures and a thoughtfully planned-out surrounding area.

e 35.8-metre-high “wicker” cupola above the stage is a unique construction of intertwined rafters and columns supporting 510 acoustic shields and covered with 5,324 square metres of locally manufactured membrane fibre used as roofing material. This unique acoustic solution has earned the project recognition across Latvia as well as throughout Europe. The reconstructed stage can house as many as 10,000 choir singers while the stands can seat 30,000 spectators.

Project news

In the procurement announced by the Riga City Council Property Department for the final reconstruction…