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LNK Industries to perform final reconstruction of Mežaparks Grand Open-Air Stage

In the procurement announced by the Riga City Council Property Department for the final reconstruction works of the Mežaparks Grand Open-Air Stage, Phase B construction phase B2, the right to enter into a procurement contract was awarded to JSC LNK Industries, which submitted the most economically advantageous tender with the lowest price of EUR 18 456 888.88 without value added tax.
In the final stage of construction, the glazed facade of the open-air stage building will be completed, the membrane roof of the stage dome will be laid, as well as the interiors of the stage building will be finished. In this construction phase, new auxiliary buildings will be built and the boiler house will be reconstructed, as well as the existing auxiliary buildings of the open-air stage will be dismantled. According to the phase B2 building design, the user’s engineering networks will be built, as well as the improvement of the territory will be completed. It is planned to restore the historic pavilion and create a Song Festival exposition in the stage building.
Riga City Council Property Department has developed a time schedule for the implementation of the phase B2, providing for the necessary technological breaks according to the actual situation to ensure timely and safe implementation of the XII Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Festival in July 2021, as well as the complete implementation of the building design until December 2021. The renovation of Mežaparks Grand Open-Air Stage began on 11 March, 2016, when Riga Municipality and the Latvian National Cultural Center signed an agreement with the architectural offices of Juris Poga and Austris Mailītis on the development of a building design
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