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One side of Generala Radzina Embankment has been reconstructed, while works continue on the other

Construction works on Generala Radzina Embankment, on the side of Riga Central Market, are coming to an end. Overall, the works to integrate the Rail Baltica project, which has European-level significance for railway infrastructure, into the infrastructure of central Riga, are proceeding according to schedule.

A complete reconstruction of the road surface, including the restoration of the bridge over the city canal on one side, has been carried out on Generala Radzina Embankment, on the side of Riga Central Market. After diverting traffic, construction works will commence on the other side of Generala Radzina Embankment.

The construction works to integrate the Rail Baltica project into the infrastructure of central Riga started in February. In order to ensure safe and convenient traffic around the Central Station, three intersections will be reconstructed and modern infrastructure for pedestrians, cyclists and public transportation will be built by the end of the year.

A full reconstruction of Generala Radzina Embankment is also being carried out, which includes all underground and other engineering communications. It involves the renovation of external water supply and sewage networks, gas supply systems, power supply and distribution networks, and more. Heat supply networks will also be modified on Gogola Street. The cycling path surface will be restored throughout the entire section, and a pedestrian-cyclist ramp will be built to connect Maskava Street with the planned Rail Baltica railway bridge over the River Daugava.

The project aims to provide safer transportation solutions for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as environmental improvement and landscaping. The pedestrian tunnel on Gogola Street, near the Central Market, will be transformed into a bicycle parking facility. The project also includes the reconstruction of overhead tram and trolleybus lines on Maskava Street and Gogoļa Street. As part of the project, two bridges over the city canal will be rebuilt: on Maskava Street and Generala Radzina Embankment. Construction works will also take place near the canal, in the adjacent area where the Titaniks shopping centre used to be located. Stairs, a footbridge and a landing stage will be built to provide access to the canal bank.

The construction works are being carried out by the RBBL consortium, which consists of three companies: SIA Binders, AS LNK Industries and SIA Nordes Buve. Riga City Council is the client for the project, and construction supervision is carried out by SIA Firma L4.

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