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Representatives of Riga City Council take a closer look at the Skulte overpass construction process

During the visit, the builders gave municipal representatives a report on completed tasks, as well as explained what is planned for the future. The representatives got to see the roundabout, support structures, the span and the pedestrian tunnel. The construction works of the Skulte overpass are done according to schedule and it is planned to finish in Spring 2022.
At the moment, various tasks are carried out — concrete works for the support systems and beam spans, construction of engineering communications, excavation and embanking, building road structures. Tram traffic lines will see some changes in order to implement these tasks. Solutions for noise reduction will take place to ensure the peace of nearby residents as much as possible. Sound absorbing barriers will be put up and window replacements are in store for the neighbouring property owners.
This is one of the most fundamental infrastructure projects in Riga that will open up new possibilities to all traffic participants. The nearly single kilometre long overpass Rīga-Skulta will noticeably improve the mobility of Sarkandaugava residents ensuring a decrease in traffic jams on the main streets. It will also redirect cargo vehicles from regional streets that will significantly reduce the number of traffic accidents.
During the project implementation, an overpass will be created, engineering communications put in order, new access roads will be built and the old ones — reconstructed. Improvements for pedestrians and cyclists will be implemented during the project. A safe infrastructure along the Viestura prospekts (Viestura avenue) will be created for cyclists from Meža prospekts (Meža avenue) to railway station “Mangaļi”. Overpass costs are estimated at 45,4 million euros. 27,15 million euros come from the European Union Cohesion Fund, 1 million from the Latvian state budget grant, the rest is financed by the municipality. The Rīga-Skulte overpass construction is carried out by the Association of Suppliers “OTC”, uniting three builders — Binders LTD, LNK Industries JSC and Latvijas tilti JSC.
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