LNK Industries supports professional orientation campaign “Choose construction industry”

For the first time in Latvia, a professional orientation campaign will be held in order to motivate youth to acquire construction industry related professions.The social goal of the campaign is to supplement the information realm with good practical examples, increasing the popularity of educational opportunities in universities and colleges, as well as to inspire young people to work within the construction industry by demonstrating real experts’ professional achievements in education and practice. The campaign will be held from February to May of 2016. The campaign’s author and organiser is “Building Design and Construction Council” (BDCC) company.

An informational and educational brochure named “The Exciting Profession of the Builder” will be distributed during the campaign. In the brochure, both young and experienced construction professionals – engineers, designers and construction managers who took part in the construction of the biggest and the best buildings in Latvia, share their experience in participating in the construction process. One of those professionals is Ivars Kajins - “LNK Industries” JSC Project Manager Assistant.

 “I chose the construction industry deliberately, my father was working in road construction industry and my grandfather – in bridge construction industry. I was brought up in a family that mainly consisted of builders and the interest towards this industry emerged at a very young age. Before I started working in a “big” construction industry, I was paving and doing other minor construction works – I was glad to become familiar with the real construction process”, says Ivars about the beginning of his career in the construction industry.  He also emphasizes that it is extremely important to be competent in various construction processes and techniques because each construction object is unique. “A manager has to have eagerness and interest, he has to literally “get into” the processes and has to know how to read drawings”, emphasises Ivars. I. Kajins took part in some of the most notable “LNK Industries” JSC construction projects – the University of Latvia Academic Centre of Natural Sciences and Riga Bulk Terminal.

Many of the experts featured in the “The Exciting Profession of the Builder” brochure received various awards and acknowledgements. For example, Ivars Kajins received a third place in the nomination for the “Young Expert of the Year 2013” at the annual construction industry competition “Construction Engineer of the Year”.

The printed version of the brochure will be distributed in the largest comprehensive schools and colleges of Latvia. The electronical version is available here: