LNK Industries Gives Children and Young People an Insight into the Construction Industry

During the “Experience day” of the “Butterfly Effect” charity campaign, children and young people who live in orphanages visited the University of Latvia Academic Centre of Natural Sciences, which was constructed last year by the “LNK Industries” joint-stock company.

The excursion was guided by the “LNK Industries” JSC project manager Roberts Trautmanis. He showed the most interesting and unusual spots of the building, explained the construction process and talked about the construction industry, opportunities for young people within this industry, peculiarities of the profession, and LNK Group holding company.

At the end of the event, “LNK Industries” JSC project manager Roberts Trautmanis gave children an advice: “The most important thing is to build it well right away. As I always say to my team – do it as if you are doing it for yourself!”

“Butterfly Effect” charity campaign was launched in spring of 2009 in order to help children and young people who live in orphanages to see career opportunities and to gain an insight into different professions in order to ensure their successful integration into the society after leaving the orphanage. 


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