“TTS (Transportation Technology Systems)” factory began production of waste sorting station technological equipment for “Eko Kurzeme” enterprise.

The factory of “TTS (Transportation Technology Systems)” enterprise, which is a part of “LNK Industries” construction and manufacturing group, is producing unique detailed waste sorting engineering equipment for “Eko Kurzeme” enterprise. One of the equipment units is an optical waste separator, which will make sorting simpler and quicker. Using a light beam, it can identify four different types of plastic material on conveyer belt and separate them from the other waste.

More than 20 separate technological equipment units from leading foreign enterprises are used in the general system. On TTS factory, the equipment is connected in a single cohesive system and will be assembled in a new waste sorting centre of “Eko Kurzeme” enterprise, which will be located in a household waste landfill “Ķīvītes” in Grobinas Municipality, Liepaja Region.

This is not the first project implemented by “LNK Industries” construction and manufacturing group in Liepaja region. In 2012, SIA “TTS (Transportation Technology Systems)” enterprise developed, manufactured and assembled quicklime transhipment and storage terminal in Liepaja for the needs of Liepajas metalurgs factory, implementing it as a turnkey project, as well as took part in reconstruction of Liepajas metalurgs factory and its technological equipment.