“LNK Industries Group” GP puts UL Academic Centre of Natural Sciences in Tornakalns in commission

“LNK Industries Group” general partnership puts University of Latvia (UL) Academic Centre of Natural Sciences in Tornakalns in commission. Centre will host its first students already on 7th September 2015 and will become the most modern higher education and science building in the Baltic States. 

Development of first stage technical design, construction and authorial supervision of UL Academic Centre of Natural Sciences was executed by LNK Industries Group general partnership, which was chosen during the procurement procedure. Contract value – 21,18 million euros excluding VAT.

LNK Industries Group GP began construction of building on 1 Jelgavas Street in Riga in March 2014, and by the end of May 2014, the first foundation stone was ceremoniously laid. The new building has seven storeys that feature lecture-rooms, laboratories, work and seminar rooms, and a library. The last storey of the building hosts laboratory and seminar room with the view to the Old Riga and newly built National Library. Wind generators installed on the roof give an opportunity to obtain an alternative energy. The centre also features “intelligent building” service equipment.

“To us, as to builders, it was a great honour to implement this project. The work process was intense, because we wanted to put the building in commission within the set timeframes so that it is ready to host students and teachers. Tight deadlines became the biggest challenge for us within this project,” pointed out Evgeny Lotsov, Member of the LNK Industries Board.

Furthermore, E. Lotsov said that “construction works on the site were carried out in an extremely intense pace, and sometimes there were several hundreds of people working at the same time. This project was significant to us, as to builders, not only because of its complexity - the building hosts numerous modern laboratories that are equipped with specific technologies, but also because of its purpose. We were glad to construct UL Academic Centre of Natural Sciences, because with our own hands we have constructed a building, which, I am sure, will motivate students and future scientists to take part in the development of new and innovative technologies.”

It is the first building of future UL student campus in Tornakalns. New Academic Centre of Natural Sciences has extraordinary and architecturally unique façade, which has no analogues in Riga. During the construction of the building, special attention was also drawn to creating comfortable environment for students: from design to custom-made ergonomic furniture.

The project is being implemented within European Regional Development Fund’s (ERDF) sub-activity “Modernization of Premises and Devices for Improvement of Study Programme Quality at Higher Educational Establishments, including Provision of Education Opportunities for Individuals with Functional Disabilities”, within  “University Infrastructure Modernisation within Priority Study Programmes Development” project Nr.2010/0114/3DP/ and ERDF sub-activity “Development of Scientific Infrastructure” project.

Academic Centre of Natural Sciences is a home for Biology, Chemistry, Medicine, Geography and Earth Sciences faculties, as well as Optometry and Vision Science department. Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology and Institute of Chemistry and Physics are also located in the building. Moreover, the building hosts laboratories of six most significant national research centres: National Research Centre of Technologies of Acquisition and Sustainable Use of Energy and Environmental Resources, National Research Centre of Pharmacy and Biomedicine, National Research Centre of Use of Agricultural Resources and Food, National Research Centre of Forest and Water Resources, National Research Centre of Forest and Water Resources, National Research Centre of Nanostructured and Multifunctional Materials, as well as National Research Centre of Public Health and Clinical Medicine.


About general partnership LNK Industries Group

General partnership LNK Industries Group was founded by two enterprises of the LNK Group holding – LNK Industries JSC and Latvijas tilti JSC. LNK Industries JSC specialises in implementation of the innovative construction and production turnkey projects. Main activity of LNK Industries lies in construction of industrial, civil and infrastructure objects. The enterprise specialises in designing, manufacture and installation of the transportation technological systems and non-standard equipment, as well as manufacture of the reinforced concrete and large-sized steel frame structures. Latvijas tilti JSC is one of the largest Latvian construction enterprises that is specialising in construction and reconstruction of bridges, overpasses and tunnels, as well as in reconstruction and construction of sea berths and coastal fortifications.

About University of Latvia

University of Latvia, which was established in 1919, is the biggest and the richest in traditions educational institution in Latvia. All 134 study programmes of UL are accredited. Its 13 faculties and 21 universities employ our leading specialists in natural sciences, humanities and social sciences. The goal of the university is to become significant in Europe and worldwide, internationally acknowledged scientific university that invests in the national economy of Latvia and in sustainable development of society.