General Partnership “LNK Industries Partnership” won the tender for the reconstruction of 23rd bulk of Children’s hospital

General Partnership “LNK Industries Partnership” won the tender for the reconstruction of 23rd bulk of Children’s clinical university hospital. Foreseen amount of a contract is 649 021.41 EUR not including value added tax. The work performance time is 7 months from the day of obtaining construction permit.

Reconstruction works in the building that was built in 1900 and reconstructed several times will be performed by General Partnership “LNK Industries Partnership”. Several premises of the building are in bad condition. Construction works will include installation of new ventilation and conditioning systems, reconstruction of inner electrical supply networks, water supply system and sewage facilities. The interior design will include elements for better orientation of people with special needs. Hygienic and durable materials that will be easy to maintain will be used in finishing works in premises. After the reconstruction, the building will be more accessible for people with movement, vision and hearing disorders. It is planned not to change historical façade of 23rd bulk, to improve energy efficiency of the building and to make site improvements.

“At the present time, the hospital does not meet modern requirements of energy efficiency.  Therefore, to improve energy efficiency, we plan to replace the roof structure of the building, provide the coating with heat insulation and improve the natural ventilation of the roof, replace old, worn out windows with new ones. It is planned to install automatic doors in the corridor to reduce the possibility of a draft. Depending on the specific use of premises, some of them will be provided with heated floors. It is also planned to clean the brick wall façade and restore joints using bricks, similar in colour and texture”, tells about upcoming reconstruction works member of “LNK Industries” JSC board Jevgenij Locov.

General Partnership “LNK Industries Partnership” has successful experience in implementation of reconstruction projects of health facilities - such as the reconstruction of Riga 1st hospital’s bulks. In autumn of 2014 the 8th bulk (surgery block) was commissioned, in October 2013 the 23rd bulk (“Šarlotes poliklīnika”) was reconstructed and in 2012 1st and 17th bulks were reconstructed.

Member of “LNK Industries” JSC board Jevgenij Locov points out that “Riga 1st hospital, which façade we have cleaned from layer of city dust and made other significant restauration works, at the moment is one of the most well-kept building in the city. This building meets requirements of health institutions. That’s why our victory in the tender for the reconstruction of 23rd bulk of PLLC “Children’s clinical university hospital” is only logical.”

23rd bulk is a corridor connecting five separate buildings of the hospital. There are also located different medical premises that are not currently used. The concept of the hospital’s development is to allocate Rehabilitation clinic for outpatients in premises adjacent to the corridor. Appearance of the building and capacity will remain unchanged, all entry nodes and connections to other buildings also will not be changed. It is planned to finish reconstruction works by September 2015.

About General Partnership “LNK Industries Partnership”

General Partnership ““LNK Industries Partnership” consists of three enterprises – “LNK Industries” JSC, “Latvijas Tilti” JSC и “BCC” LLC.

“LNK Industries” JSC is specialising in implementation of innovative construction and manufacturing turnkey projects. The main scope of activity of “LNK Industries” JSC is construction of manufacturing, civil and infrastructural objects. The enterprise is also specialising in design, manufacture and placing of transportation technology systems and non-standard equipment, as well as in reinforced concrete structures and large-size metal structures manufacture. More about “LNK Industries” JSC:

“Latvijas tilti” JSC is one of the largest Latvian construction enterprises that is specialising in construction and reconstruction of bridges, overpasses and tunnels, as well as in reconstruction and construction of sea berths and coastal fortifications. More about “Latvijas tilti” JSC:

“Baltic Construction Company (BCC)” LLC is a construction company with extensive experience in design and construction works in the execution of orders of public institutions, government agencies and private orders. The company successfully works in the Latvian market.