Time capsules will be placed into foundations of the RTU laboratory and library buildings

Time capsules with a message for future generations will be placed into foundations of newly built building of the RTU laboratory and extension of the Scientific Library.

"The new modern laboratory building will be equipped with high-level equipment needed for conduction of researches and complex examinations. It will allow scientists of RTU to perform internationally competitive research activities and to develop researches for Latvian and foreign enterprises, thus contributing to the competitiveness of enterprises and the economic growth of the country," says professor Talis Juhna Science Pro-Rector of RTU.

Centre of National Importance for the Research of Acquisition and Sustainable use of Energy and Environmental Resources will be located in the building of the laboratory, as well as laboratories of the Faculty of Transport and Mechanical Engineering (FTME). This will start a gradual relocation of FTME from its current place of location in Mezaparks to the unified territorial complex of RTU in Kipsala. The laboratory building will have a total area of 4366 m2 and construction costs of EUR 4,630,158. Previous building of the RTU laboratory was located in Old Riga, Kalku Street, but it was demolished several years ago and Riga City Council was built on its place instead.

In turn, by extending premises of the Scientific Library it will become possible to combine the currently scattered departments of the library and to modernise its equipment. The new library extension with a total area of 2,240 m2 is intended for a reading hall, which will be open for students 24 hours a day. There will also be an open-access collection, rare book reading room, lecturer reading room, individual cabins and group rooms, as well as a transformable conference hall. Building's construction costs - EUR 2,777,572.

Construction of both RTU buildings is performed by "LNK Industries Partnership" general partnership, which consists of three enterprises - AS "LNK Industries", AS "Latvijas Tilti" and SIA "BCC".

"We are pleased that construction of both buildings has been entrusted to our enterprise. The fact that we are able to contribute to the development of education and science in Latvia by creating a modern cutting-edge learning environment is what makes the implementation of this project especially valuable," as underlined by Jevgenijs Locovs Member of the AS "LNK Industries" Board.

RTU is purposefully developing its infrastructure by building Latvia's first campus, which, after completion of the construction, will become the most modern engineering study centre, where all of the RTU faculties, modern laboratory buildings, Scientific library and administrative buildings will be concentrated in a single place.