“Shadow Day” at LNK Industries Object

Annual “Shadow Day“ activities took place in Riga Palace in Kastel – place, where LNK Industries is currently doing restoration and reconstruction work. “Shadow Day” is a day, in which pupils can learn more about the industry and meet professionals in the field.

Young people curiously followed the day-to-day tasks of our construction manager and took a look at the behind-the-scenes building site.

“Shadow Day” allows learning about the everyday routine of the construction site and assists youngsters in choosing a future profession and planning their careers. Indeed, the construction industry is a dynamic, challenging, creative, and, at the same time, very responsible profession.

In the oldest part of Riga Palace, LNK Industries plans to complete the construction work in 2024, the project's commissioning party is "National Real Estate".

“Shadow Day” is an internationally recognized career education program, in which pupils visit a place of work and follow the day-to-day tasks of a representative of the profession of interest. It aims to introduce youngsters to the requirements of different professions and sectors to help them choose a profession and prepare themselves for the future.