Time capsule walled into the Science and Innovation Centre of Ventspils

In Ventspils, on 31 July 2020 a ceremony was held to wall a time capsule into foundations of the new building of the Science and Innovation Centre of Ventspils, thus symbolising construction of the new building. 

The festive event gathered representatives of the Ventspils City Council, constructors – the general partnership “LNK Industries Group”, the author of the construction design – the general partnership “PS AMBRASAS PB”, construction supervisors – SIA “Firma L4” and other cooperation partners.

Construction of the Science and Innovation Centre is implemented with the financing from the Ventspils City Municipality, the state of Latvia and the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union. The total area of the galleries covered by the exhibit part of the Science Centre will take up 4485 m2 of the overall area of the Centre – 6270 m2 to be located on the ground floor of the building. The Innovation Centre will cover the area of 1785 m2.

The Science Centre will accommodate educational and interactive exhibition halls, 93 exhibits, science shows, laboratories, conference rooms, training rooms, laboratories and technical and creative workshops that will be able to visitors at all seasons of the year. Exhibits of the Science centre will be open to the general public – guests from Latvia and abroad.

The Innovation Centre plans to develop activities to promote business, set up office premises to attract and support starting entrepreneurs, create new workplaces. Most of the centre premises will be placed at the disposal of businesses – businesses working mostly in the field of information technologies.

The new Science and Innovation Centre intends to generate about 120 new jobs in Ventspils. The Innovation Centre will have rental premises for starting entrepreneurs with 90 new jobs, whereas the interest-related education or Science Centre will have about 30 new jobs.