LNK Industries Supports the Learn Construction Campaign

Within the framework of the Learn Construction campaign, project managers of the LNK Industries Joint-Stock Company give a lecture to primary and secondary school students of last grades as part of the Construction Days 2017 event held at the Riga Construction College.

In order to draw the attention of young people and to encourage their desire to study engineering sciences, the Learn Construction campaign is being held in Latvia for the second consecutive year from January to May. Project managers of LNK Industries JSC will give a lecture at the Riga Construction College within the framework of Construction Days 2017 in order to explain their daily job responsibilities to students and tell them about the professional challenges.

LNK Industries JSC supports the Learn Construction campaign for the second year in a row. The campaign aims to supplement the information space with examples of good practice, to popularise studies in vocational education institutions and study opportunities in higher educational establishments and colleges, as well as to inspire young people to work in the construction industry. The author of the idea and organiser of the campaign is the Building Design and Construction Council association.