The Awards for Last Year's Most Significant Scientific Achievements in Latvia Were Presented

During the formal award ceremony, whose general sponsor this year is “LNK Group” holding company, Latvian authors and teams of authors have received “The Science Award 2016” in honour of the most significant scientific achievements of 2016.

From 50 project applications, the jury of Latvian Academy of Sciences (LAS) chose 11 the most significant achievements, and six projects received acknowledgment from Latvian Academy of Science (LAS). The projects represent a wide range of scientific areas, and each of them contribute to the society’s intellectual, spiritual and economic development. The award ceremony “The Science Award 2016” is organised by the Latvian Academy of Sciences in collaboration with the Science Foundation.

Special prize in the competition was presented by the AS “LNK Industries”, a member of “LNK Group” holding company. The award was presented to the academician of the Latvian Academy of Sciences (LAS) Andrejs Cebers and Dr. phys. Kaspars Erglis for the “Flexible Magnetic Strings Modelling and Synthesis” study.

“We live in the age of technology, when natural resources are no longer an absolute foundation for the country's economic prosperity. Latvian know-how success story is based on education. Our aim and, therefore, the untapped potential of the country’s growth, is to have as many highly qualified people with outstanding education as possible, and the education should be excellent starting from childhood. Only in this case, within the international competition, Latvia will offer not today's best solutions, but technological solutions for tomorrow. Then, within the international competition, we will be in demand as generators of ideas, the best creators of projects with high added value, and our experts will be able to operate successfully in Latvia, providing the basis for national prosperity. “LNK Group” has supported and will support projects that enhance education quality at the national level; it is our key to success,” explains his choice to support Latvian science Dr. sc. ing. Alexander Milov, “LNK Group” holding Chairman of the Board.

The annual award for the most significant scientific achievements is presented since year 2002. Award application can be submitted by universities, institutes, research centres, as well as members of the Academy of Sciences.