The LNK Industries JSC begins the reconstruction of the right bank drainage system of the Riga HPP

The LNK Industries Joint Stock Company begins the reconstruction of the Riga bypass (Salaspils — Babite) 0.30–2.38 km section of the A5 National main road and the right bank drainage system of the Riga HPP. The LNK Industries JSC has concluded the agreement on execution of construction works with Latvijas Valsts ceļi State Joint Stock Company and Latvenergo Joint Stock Company in April this year. The agreement amount is EUR 5,777,777.75 (excluding VAT).

The LNK Industries JSC will execute the rebuilding of surface structure, change of road equipment and reconstruction of low-voltage and rainwater sewerage networks on Riga bypass (Salaspils — Babite) 0.30–2.38 km section of A5 motorway within the framework of reconstruction works. The rebuilding of the HPP drainage system shall be executed as well, i.e., the old drainage pipe located at a depth of 6 m will be replaced with a new one, and the duplicate drainage will be filled.

The construction works execution area of the LNK Industries JSC will be located on the existing dam of the Riga HPP, where the traffic intensity is around 9,000 vehicles a day. The company already has experience in execution of construction works on the bridge of the Riga HPP on the Salaspils — Babite (A5) section of the Riga bypass. Construction works were completed during the last year's summer, in the result of which bridge’s expansion joints were changed, defects of bridge girder structure, which occurred because of the dynamic load, were corrected, the drainage in the span structure was renewed and a new upper layer of the surface was laid.

As explained by the LNK Industries JSC Member of the Board Jevgenijs Locovs: “At that time, the complexity of repair works was determined by the significant traffic intensity of the Riga bypass, as well as the fact that the bridge is a part of the hydroelectric power plant’s complex. In this project, special attention is paid to the organisation of works and the technology of construction works in order to ensure the continuous operation of the HPP and to completely rule out any kind of impact on structures and equipment of the HPP. Our previous experience in implementation of large infrastructure objects gives us the confidence that all of the abovementioned factors will not affect the deadlines and quality of execution of the planned works this time as well.”

The project was ordered by the Latvijas Valsts ceļi SJSC and the Latvenergo JSC, which have chosen the LNK Industries JSC as the project implementer based on the results of the procurement tender. The works are expected to be completed within 2 years (720 calendar days).


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