Ceremonial opening of a household waste sorting factory in Liepaja region

The new household waste sorting factory on the household waste landfill “Ķīvītes” in Grobinas district, Liepaja’s region, where “TTS (Transportation Technology Systems)” enterprise, which is a part of “LNK Industries” construction and manufacturing group, carried out delivery and installation of the technological equipment, is finally open.

The factory of “TTS” enterprise produced a unique detailed waste sorting engineering equipment for “Eko Kurzeme” LLC enterprise. The new factory features technological solutions, which proved their effectivity on similar factories in Germany and France. For example, the factory has an optical parallel handler, the only handler of this kind in Latvia, which can identify 10 different types of material on conveyer belt using a light beam and simultaneously separate four types of material. In order to separate biodegradable waste from the household waste flow, a disc sifter, the first one to be used in Latvia, was installed on the “Eko Kurzeme” LLC factory.

More than 20 separate technological equipment units from leading foreign enterprises are used in the general system. On TTS factory, the equipment was connected in a single cohesive system and assembled in a new waste sorting centre.

Waste sorting station is a fully operational complex, where the equipment installed by “LNK Industries” JSC performs a pre-sorting of the unsorted waste and other similar waste for its further processing, as well as provides the sorting and preparing for further transportation of the mechanically biodegradable waste and waste that is suitable for recycling. Initially, it was planned for the factory to sort 8 000 tons of household waste per year; however, sorting capacity could be increased up to 30 000 tons per year.

 “LNK Industries” JSC also carried out the construction of waste pre-recycling and sorting hangar, waste receiving area, waste centre subsidiary building, and necessary access roads and fields. A hangar, which is approximately 2500 m2 in area (25 m*10 m), was built for the disposal of pre-recycling and sorting equipment.

“LNK Industries” JSC concluded an agreement for 1.43 million euro with the waste management company "EKO KURZEME" LLC on the supply and installation of waste sorting station’s technological equipment last summer, after winning a tender.



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