LNK Industries Christmas Tree in Riga Centre will shine again this year!

This year, on the 4th of December, the spatial object “Join the Holiday Spirit!” of the “LNK Industries” JSC, will shine out once again at the junction of Brivibas Boulevard and Elizabetes Street, where it will bring joy to passers-by from the 4th of December 2015 to the 10th of January 2016 as a part of the sixth “Christmas Tree Trail” festival of spatial objects.

Last year, this object was received with jubilation, and now for the pleasure of kids and adults it is possible to enter the heart of holidays and take a walk through the alley of light once again.

The Christmas Tree and the alley together create a united visual image – the spatial object ensemble. The Christmas Tree structurally consists of four parts symbolising four seasons. The viewers will have an opportunity not only to observe it, but also to step into it, symbolically stepping into the holiday and becoming its participant.

The full magnificence of the project will be visible during the evening, as the dynamic light bars will change colours of the alley at certain periods.

The artist of the spatial object is Visvaldis Asaris; the structure of the Christmas Tree was assembled in cooperation with “Latvijas Tilti” JSC. Technical execution of decoration and illumination was developed and conducted by “ArkiLED” LLC. The Christmas tree is decorated with 6,000 light bulbs, and the 300 meters long alley – with 1,100 light bulbs, which were manufactured here in Latvia. In turn, the decorative string on the Christmas tree is 1 kilometre long. “TTS” LLC (Transportation Technology Systems), which is a part of “LNK Industries” group, developed the technical project and manufactured the metal structure of the main element of the spatial object – the decorated tree.

In 2014, "LNK Industries" JSC received gratitude from the Riga City Council for this spatial object due to the creative cooperation and an outstanding artistic achievement during the organisation of the festival. 

See the Christmas Tree and go inside. Experience the holidays and listen to their melody! Make a wish – and may your wish come true!