Grand opening of the premium-class apartment house "Club Central Residence" in Riga

The "Club Central Residence" multi-apartment house, which has been built in accordance with top-class comfort requirements, in Riga, on 18a Baznicas (Baznīcas) Street, is finally open.  "Club Central Residence" is a unique example of modern European architecture and design, which combines the best traditions of the historical buildings of Riga and the latest trends in the world urban development. "LNK Industries" JSC implemented the construction of the building by the order of "Kappa Capital" LLC. The construction costs have reached almost 2.2 million euros.

During the ceremony, the guests were given the opportunity to be the first ones to take a walk through the newly constructed building and to personally explore the apartments, which are offered with full interior finishing, and which have an area of 53 to 156 m²; to evaluate apartments’ convenient and comfortable planning, ecological wooden parquet floors and natural stone floors, designer tiles and wallpaper, high-quality bathroom fixtures, elegant wooden finishing of walls, as well as high-quality textured designer-class wallpaper.

Ilya Mitelman, Chairman of the Board of "Expobank" JSC, which financed the implementation of the "Club Central Residence" project: "One can feel that the "Club Central Residence" building has been constructed by the people, for the people – investing all the talent, heart and soul in this work. That is why it turned out so great. Let the people who will live here be happy!"

Aleksandrs Milovs, Chairman of the Council of "LNK Group", the parent company of the project's construction company "LNK Industries" JSC, added: "It is pleasant to know that the atmosphere of the old times has been revived in this historical place by using modern solutions, instead of copying the past. The building has an excellent location: the very centre of Riga and, at the same time, a quiet place. Superior materials were used for the interior decoration. Our builders have worked in close collaboration with architects, respecting their work, which is the reason why together we have managed to create this beautiful high-quality building, which seamlessly fits into the surrounding architecture and the urban environment in general."

Vestards Rozenbergs, the owner and Chairman of the Board of "Baltic Sotheby’s International Realty": "Our task is to help the building to ‘rise in the world’, to breathe life into it, fill it with new energy, and this will happen very soon, as 30% of apartments have already been reserved. The work on this project has been executed splendidly and, comparing it with other wonderfully constructed buildings in other capitals of the world, we can safely say that this building would fit in any metropolis. It is a pleasure to know that the image of Riga now contains a new, expressive feature. Furthermore, it is the first step in the development of this block."

One of the leading interior designers in the Baltic states, internationally recognised Latvian architect – Zane Tetere, who is the co-author of the façade’s architecture and the author of the interior of the "Club Central Residence", said: "The more I am abroad, the more I adore Riga when I return to the city, as I am happily enjoying the historical architecture of the capital and the exquisite features of the tenement houses. While creating the façade of this building, the structures of which reflect the neighbouring houses, I wanted to both materialise the historical traditions and create a modern image - a timeproof architecture that honours the historical experience. I am glad I managed to succeed."

"Club Central Residence" has won the prestigious International Real Estate Federation award “Baltic Prix d’Excellence” as the best new project in the premium segment, as well as a special award of the high-class real estate seller “Baltic Sotheby’s International Realty” as the best premium project of the year in Latvia.

The development of the project's technical design began in winter of 2013 in cooperation with “Tectum” LLC under the leadership of the architect Alvis Zlaugotnis. However, “LNK Industries” JSC began the construction of the object in August 2014.


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