“LATVIJAS TILTI” JSC continues construction of two-level crossroad across railway tracks in Klaipeda, Lithuania

Joint-stock company “LATVIJAS TILTI” and Lithuanian enterprise “KaunoKeliai” LLC continue construction of two-level crossroad across railway tracks and Nemuno Street in Klaipeda, Lithuania, which was started in November 2014.

 “LATVIJAS TILTI” JSC and Lithuanian enterprise “KaunoKeliai” LLC were chosen to implement this project through the procurement competition. Total contract value is 4.10 million euros (including value-added tax (VAT)) and implementation period is 18 months. The scope of works of “LATVIJAS TILTI” JSC equals to 93% of the total amount of works, i.e. 3.97 million EUR including VAT.

Currently, the assembly and connection of steel hollow beams of the overpass’ bearing structure’s span is almost completed. Those metal structures with total weight of more than 530 tons are manufactured for this project by TTS enterprise. Transportation of the last segment from Riga to Klaipeda is already planned. At the same time, retaining walls of the first abutment are being constructed. By the end of this year, it is planned to assemble span structure’s metal elements on bearing parts, concrete the main roadway slab of the overpass, and finish concreting of most of the retaining walls.

Within this project, it is planned to construct a 160 m long overpass and approximately 170 m of bridge approach embankments’ bearing walls’ structures. The overpass will ensure more effective usage of all areas of container terminal, which is currently divided by Nemuno Street and railway tracks.