“LNK Industries” JSC begins reconstruction of historical building on Alberta Street

In the quiet centre of Riga, on Alberta Street, which is considered the jewel in the crown of Art Nouveau buildings in Riga, “LNK Industries” JSC begins reconstruction and restoration of residential building on 5 Alberta Street. It is planned to put the building in commission in December 2016. Total reconstruction costs will amount in EUR 4.120.00 (excluding VAT). The project is ordered and financed by the Embassy of Russian Federation in Latvia.

House on 5 Alberta Street rises 22,8 m in height and has 6 floors with total area of 2932 m2. General construction and finishing works in volume of 3719 m3 will be carried out during the reconstruction. This includes restoration of building’s facade and interior, as well as construction of internal and external utility networks. After the reconstruction, one wing of the residential building will host 30 luxurious 50 to 90 m2 apartments, while the other one will host 2 studio type apartments.

During the reconstruction, the building will be connected to municipal utilities. Reconstructed building will have 3 new elevators, one of which will be placed separately in the inner yard to preserve the historical planning of the main facade, but 2 others – in side bulks. Historical planning of the house will also be preserved; consequently, the entrance to the apartments will be located in the main stairwell.

 “We are glad that stone tenement house that was constructed in 1900 and until now has been in dreadful technical condition, for a long time giving the shivers to Riga’s citizens and guests, will revive again. Before beginning the reconstruction, we examined all possible technical engineering solutions in detail, so that in the process of reconstruction historical value of the building intertwined with innovative solutions of 21st century”, emphasizes Member of the Board of “LNK Industries” JSC Evgeny Lotsov.

 “LNK Industries” JSC already has a successful experience in reconstruction of buildings. Until now, the most notable projects were reconstruction of Riga 1st Hospital's historical bulks, reconstruction of building with long and rich history (better known to the citizens as community centre “Draudzība” in Sarkandaugava, 32 Tilta Street), as well as reconstruction of Elizabetes Park House building on 21a Elizabetes Street, and reconstruction of other buildings in the centre of Riga.

About LNK Industries JSC

LNK Industries JSC, which is part of the LNK Group holding company, specialises in implementation of innovative turnkey construction and manufacturing projects. The main scope of activity of LNK Industries is construction of civil, manufacturing and infrastructural objects. The enterprise is specialising in design, manufacture and installation of transportation technology systems and non-standard equipment, as well as in manufacture of reinforced concrete structures and large-size steel structures: www.lnk-industries.lv

About LNK Group

LNK Group was founded in 1988. It consists of 18 companies that operate in three main areas: construction and production (LNK Industries), calculations, testing and maintenance of aircraft equipment (LNK Aerospace) and real estate development (LNK Properties). Read more about LNK Group here: www.lnk.lv

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