“LNK Industries” JSC concluded an agreement with "EKO KURZEME" LLC on the supply and installation of waste sorting station’s technological equipment

“LNK Industries” JSC concluded an agreement for 1.43 million euro with the waste management company "EKO KURZEME" LLC on the supply and installation of waste sorting station’s technological equipment. “LNK Industries” JSC has won the tender for the delivery and installation of waste sorting station’s technological equipment for the new waste sorting centre, which is located in waste sorting landfill “Ķīvītes” in Grobinas district, Liepaja’s region.

“Waste sorting station will be a fully operational complex, where the equipment installed by “LNK Industries” JSC will perform pre-sorting of the unsorted waste and other similar waste for its further processing, as well as will fully provide the sorting and preparing for further transportation of the mechanically biodegradable waste and waste that is suitable for recycling”, “LNK Industries” JSC Member of the Board Jevgenijs Locovs informs about expected works.

For the ensuring of waste sorting station’s operation “TTS (Transportation Technology Systems)” LLC, which is a part of LNK Industries’ group of construction and production companies, will supply engineering equipment for waste sorting, which nowadays is unique in Latvia, to “EKO KURZEME”. After detailed waste sorting, only the waste, which is unsuitable for further use, will be left in the landfill, and the other (plastic, glass, metal, biological waste) will be sorted and used as recycled resource.  

“LNK Industries” JSC will perform the construction of waste pre-recycling and sorting hangar, waste receiving area, waste centre subsidiary building, necessary access roads and fields. “For the disposal of pre-recycling and sorting equipment we will build a hangar with the width of about 2500 m2 (25 m*10 m) and its height will be about 10 m from the ground up to the lowest covering structure”, explains J. Locovs.

This is not the first project, which is implemented by the LNK Industries group of construction and production companies in Liepaja’s region. In 2012, for the needs of the factory “Liepājas Metalurgs” “TTS (Transportation Technology Systems)” company developed, manufactured and installed quick lime handling and storage terminal in Liepaja, performing turnkey project implementation, as well as participated in the reconstruction of “Liepājas Metalurgs” factory, including technological equipment.


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“TTS (Transportation Technology Systems)” LLC is a manufacture of transportation technology systems and non-standard equipment. “TTS (Transportation Technology System)” LLC a company of construction and production group LNK Industries, which is a part of LNK Group holding company. More information about “TTS (Transportation Technology Systems)” LLC: www.tts.lv

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