Latvijas tilti Jsc. presents a gift to Riga City - illumination of the Vansu bridge

By switching on the illumination of Vansu Bridge, Latvijas tilti Jsc. project "Light Strings of the Vansu Bridge" was today presented to Nils Ušakovs, the Chairman of Riga City Council. The illumination of the bridge was switched on accompanied by a fanfare of trumpets and represents a gift by Latvijas tilti Jsc. to the City of Riga to commemorate the 70th anniversary of its establishment.  The project will be further enhanced by the bridge pylons and cables being additionally illuminated during the hours of darkness by 28 new and powerful floodlights fitted with anti-dazzling protection.

"Our 70th anniversary is an important event, which we decided to share with the people of Latvia by adding something new and special to the Vansu Bridge. Among more than 2,000 objects built by our company, particular importance has always been given to all the bridges over the Daugava River in Riga.  These have become symbols of the city over the years.  I do hope that the Vanšu bridge, whose classic design from now on after dark will be emphasized by the "Light Strings" will give pleasure to both the people of Latvia and to our guests from abroad", says Artjoms Milovs, manager of Latvijas tilti Jsc.

"On behalf of Riga City Council I am grateful to the company Latvijas tilti, which has decided before the national holiday to celebrate its significant anniversary by presenting to the city and all the townspeople and guests the beautiful illumination of the Vanšu bridge in the very heart of Riga. Latvijas tilti Jsc. has made our city more beautiful at its own expense and this sets a good example to other entities,” says the Chairman of Riga City Council Nils Ušakovs.

About Latvijas tilti Jsc.

Latvijas tilti Jsc., an entity within the LNK Group, which is a part of the LNK Industries building and production group, is one of the biggest building companies in Latvia specializing in construction and reconstruction of bridges, road overpasses and tunnels as well as reconstruction and building of marine piers and coast-protection structures.

About LNK Group

LNK Group holding was established in 1988. It comprises 18 companies operating in three principal business divisions: building and production (LNK Industries), engineering (LNK Engineering) and property development (LNK Properties). The companies are currently implementing complex and innovative projects such as the designing and building of cargo and passenger terminals in Klaipeda, building of Riga Fertilizer Terminal for reloading of fertilizers, designing and building of Riga Bulk Terminal for bulk cargos etc. Number of employees in LNK Group companies exceeds one thousand. For further information about LNK Group see: