Large size metal structure was manufactured at the TTS factory for a building in Vilnius

Large size metal structure that consists of two plane frameworks with the dimensions of 7.5 m x 25 m and weighs approximately 225 tons was manufactured at the TTS factory (Transportation Technology Systems) in Riga, 15 Granita Street, for a building in Vilnius.

The structure consists of two plane frameworks that are connected with traverse double T-beams into stiff structure. Each framework weights approximately 110 tons and consists of hollow beams that are connected into the cross-shaped knots, welded from steel sheets.

For the needs of transportation of the structure to the object from Riga to Vilnius, the structure of the framework was designed in five separate elements that were manufactured at the TTS factory in Riga. In Vilnius, all elements of the structure were put together. Joints of the structure were welded with full penetration and sanded. In order to achieve a visual effect of a monolithic structure with a smooth surface, reinforcement plates were closed with 4mm decorative plates, thereby following an architectural design.

Installation of this impressive structure took place in three stages. First, one framework was lifted at a height of about 15 meters and then installed on three supporting concrete columns. Next, in a similar way the second framework was lifted and installed. In addition, crossbars welded together with frameworks were installed. To ensure such a complex lifting a special crane with a height of 40 m and a lifting capacity of 750 tons was needed.

Manufacturing and installation of the structure was done in line with European standard EN1090 and class EXC3.

TTS (Transportation Technology Systems) – enterprise of LNK Industries group, which is a part of LNK Group holding, manufactures transportation technology systems and non-standard equipment. In Year 2013 the turnover of TTS LLC increased by 183.9%, which is the biggest increase among the metal-processing industry enterprises in Latvia. More about TTS: