Demolition of the 1st pier of the Freeport of Ventspils has been completed

1st pier of the port of Ventspils for handling of oil and oil products was designed and built from 1959 to 1961. Its total length is 300 meters, including the mooring piles. Because of the long operation time, its structures have corroded and could no longer protect water area from oil product contamination. For this reason, the decision was made to stop its operation. In addition, the Baltic Coal Terminal company built a coal pier near the 1st oil pier. However, the 1st oil pier hindered the arrival of ships from both sides of the coal pier, so the new hydrotechnical construction could only be used from one side. Demolition of the 1st pier began in February 2013. "LNK INDUSTRIES EKO" general partnership has won the public tender for performance of demolition works.

"We have performed the demolition works by combining and utilising floating and overland equipment of partners of our general partnership, as well as expertise and experience of our specialists and engineers. Demolition works began with dismantling of top pile and inter-pile structures. Demolition of the operational and root parts of the pier required precise and coherent operation on both the object itself and the landfill site for treatment of contaminated soil. This involved resources of all the partners, state and municipal services. Restoration works' professionals have successfully carried out localisation of oil products in the area of demolition works. We would like to thank Freeport of Ventspils authority and responsible managers of the project", Jevgenijs Locovs, Member of the Board of "LNK Industries" JSC, expresses his satisfaction with the project.

Imants Sarmulis, Head of the Freeport of Ventspils: "Demolition of the 1st oil pier is a special project that was implemented in the port of Ventspils. Demolition of the oil pier helped us to solve two important problems at one fling - removing the source of serious oil contamination of water area of the port and providing an opportunity for two ships to moor simultaneously at the coal terminal. It was a serious challenge for performers of works of "LNK Industries" JSC and an important step in ensuring the sustainability of the Freeport of Ventspils".

A little more than 32,000 cubic meters of oil-contaminated soil were purified in the course of the project. A microbiological technology developed in Latvia and designed for purification of such contaminations was used specially for this project. It is so far the largest purification of oil-contaminated soil in Latvia.

For this purpose, the project performer "LNK INDUSTRIES EKO" general partnership has created a waste-processing landfill for recycling of B category hazardous waste. The landfill was equipped with modern soil and water purification plants. Location of the landfill and choice of equipment allow avoiding any damage to the environment and residents of the surrounding area. Applied purification equipment and technologies ensure that the washing detergents used for cleaning are biodegradable, and purification of the wastewater resulting from the process of cleaning of the soil is more effective.

"LNK INDUSTRIES EKO” general partnership was established for the purpose of implementation of the project. General partnership is composed of LNK Group holding's companies "LNK Industries" JSC and "Latvijas Tilti" JSC, managers and processors of hazardous waste "EKO OSTA" JSC and "BAO" JSC, as well as environmental restoration project management company "Ambervivus" LLC.

Total cost of implementation of the project was approximately 6 million euros.