General partnership LNK Industries Group puts into commission the bridge across the River Daugava in Jekabpils

In the result of the tender, the general partnership LNK Industries Group, formed by LNK Industries JSC and Latvijas tilti JSC, who has won the tender for renovation of the existing bridge over the River Daugava in year 2013, performed the renovation works of the bridge over Daugava in Jekabpils.

Renovation of the bridge that previously was repaired in 1995 was carried out on a section between Kurzemes Street and Vienibas Street. General partnership LNK Industries Group was in charge for changing the roadway and paving surface, repairing the bridge supports and span structure, replacing the old railings, barriers and lighting poles with the new ones, changing the drainpipes and performing bridge painting works.

LNK Industries JSC board member Jevgenijs Locovs points out that "in the result of repair works the technical deterioration has been suspended, defects and damages that occurred during the operational use have been eliminated and the longevity of the construction has been ensured for at least another 30-40 years."

The bridge over the River Daugava was built in year 1962/63, connecting both riverside cities on the banks of Daugava (Krustpils and Jekabpils) under one name - Jekabpils. The bridge was built to replace the old one, which ensured the rail and motor traffic between the two banks of Daugava but was razed to the ground during World War II.

About general partnership LNK Industries Group

General partnership LNK Industries Group was founded by two enterprises of the LNK Group holding - LNK Industries JSC and Latvijas tilti JSC.

LNK Industries JSC specialises in implementation of the innovative construction and production turnkey projects. Main activity of LNK Industries lies in construction of industrial, civil and infrastructure objects. The enterprise specialises in designing, manufacture and installation of the transportation technological systems and non-standard equipment, as well as manufacture of the reinforced concrete and large-sized steel frame structures. 

Latvijas tilti JSC is one of the largest Latvian construction enterprises that is specialising in construction and reconstruction of bridges, overpasses and tunnels, as well as in reconstruction and construction of sea berths and coastal fortifications. More about Latvijas tilti JSC:


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