Extensional concreting works are being completed within the renovation of the Salu Bridge

At the moment, concreting works of the first levelling layer for concrete structures of the Salu Bridge are being done.

The first concreting works of the levelling layer of the bridge structure are being done on the 216 m2 area, 45 lengthwise and the total amount of used concrete is 24m3. The first stage of the Salu Bridge renovation goes on successfully, and up until now, there is no sign of foreseen work amount or timeframes being delayed.

Overall, during the first stage, it is expected to complete concreting of a 6130 m2 levelling layer area of bridges across Daugava and Maza Daugava. This week, it is planned to complete concreting works on 1800m2 area of both bridges. Along with those works, we perform the treatment of abutment of the bridge across Daugava with sand jet, as well as removal of construction waste on both banks under the bridge across Maza Daugava. The first stage of works on bridge road surface is expected to be completed by 15th of October, when the bonding layer for both bridges will be decked.

Drivers are invited to be understanding about the ongoing construction works, traffic jams and restrictions.  In addition, drivers are asked to observe the governed speed in construction area, because workers have to cross the road several times a day, and this becomes extremely dangerous if those restrictions are not observed.

About the renovation project of the Salu Bridge

LNK Industries Group general partnership signed a contract with Riga City Council Traffic Department about the renovation of the Salu Bridge on 16.06.2014. The project is expected to be finished in 74 calendar weeks since the day when the contract was signed, namely, in November 2015. The total cost of the contract is approximately 8.7 million EUR without VAT. This large-scale renovation project involves dismantling of the roads, barriers, gutters, sidewalks and parapets; renovation of waterproofing layer and asphalt; ordering of pedestrian and bicycle zones on the lower level of the bridge and other works on bridges across Daugava and Maza Daugava.

The Salu Bridge across Daugava and Maza Daugava in Riga was built from year 1968 until year 1976. The Salu Bridge consists of many structures, among them: 2 big bridges and 2 small bridges, 7 overpasses and two pedestrian and bicycle tunnels.