Science and Innovation Centre in Ventspils

Company LNK Industries is implementing a modern and unique project in Latvia – Science and Innovation Centre. The project is implemented with the support of EU funding in the degraded territory of Ventspils.

The new Science and Innovation Centre will be located in the 30 m high modern architecture style building of 8818 m2 the facade of which will be made of copper and mirror glass. The project aims to improve and remediate public, as well as develop tourism and business infrastructure. It is also intended to arrange a parking with  electric car charging locations, a parking for the disabled, parents with children and a bus parking area. There will be a cycling infrastructure, a park, playgrounds, leisure and other elements.


The Science Centre will offer educating interactive exhibition halls, science shows, laboratories, conference premises, training classes, laboratories and technical and creative workshops that will be open to visitors at all seasons of the year. Educating exhibitions and newly established training programmes already at an early age will stimulate the interest of children and youth in natural sciences, development of technologies and engineering sciences, promoting such interest by practical classes.

The Innovation Centre is intended to develop activities to boost entrepreneurship, set up a business incubator and universal office premises to attract and support starting entrepreneurs.

LNK Industries started construction works in autumn of 2019 and schedules to complete them by the end of 2021. The overall project costs exceed 19 million euro, of which the EU co-financing accounts for nearly 15 million euro.