A ridgepole wreath is raised above the new Mežaparks Large Open-Air Stage

Celebrating completion of the most extensive part of construction works of the new Mežaparks Large Open-Air Stage, a ridgepole wreath was solemnly raised above the metal structures of the open-air stage dome.

By January of this year, the largest and most extensive part of construction works is completed. Currently, assembly of metal structures of the open-air stage dome is carried out, during which already all 36 trusses have been delivered and assembled, whereas assembly of lashings and acoustic panels between trusses still continues. All acoustic panels have been manufactured and delivered.

“A lot indeed has been done. One year ago, we laid the foundation stone and only started concreting works at the construction site, and today we already have finished the major installation and construction works of structures. It was possible thanks to intense work of all involved parties – each worker, supervisor of works, construction design authors, supervisors, customer and all other partners sometimes even having a 24-hour uninterrupted shift work mode. At this solemn moment, I would like to emphasize the technological challenges of this project, which the project team has managed to deal with successfully, and, at the same time, has gained invaluable experience, once more proving the high international competence of our construction professionals. We will continue this teamwork to achieve the goal – put the open-air stage into operation on 18 June of this year,” promised Valdis Koks, the representative and the Project Director of the general partnership “LNK, RERE”.

During the course of the works, waterproofing will be continued on the sloping covering (in the area of bypass steps), assembly of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements of the open-air stage steps, as well as assembly of metal cantilever beams and step beams under the reinforced concrete steps will be continued. Also the commenced road construction and improvement works are continued in the territory of the open-air stage.

Renovation of Mežaparks Large Open-Air Stage started on 11 March 2016, when Riga Municipality and the Latvian National Centre for Culture of the Ministry of Culture signed an agreement with Juris Poga and Austris Mailītis architects’ offices on development of the construction design. The first stage of renovation of Mežaparks Large Open-Air Stage - construction of a new spectators' area, which was performed by GP “LNK RERE” - was implemented until 7 June 2018, before the XXVI Nationwide Latvian Song and the XVI Dance Festival.

The second stage of renovation works – construction of a new open-air stage – will be completed until 18 June 2020, before the XII Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Festival.