LNK Industries receive awards at “Construction Industry Grand Prix”

Already for the sixth year the construction industry award “Construction Industry Grand Prix” is awarded in Latvia. This significant event is organised by Latvian Association of Civil Engineers and the magazine “Būvinženieris”, and the award patron has been the President of Latvia all these years.

“Construction Industry Grand Prix” serves as a proof of high qualification; therefore, we are pleased, that the Grand Prix “Foundation Stone” in the category “Engineer of the Year” in this year was awarded to Valdis Čerpakovskis, the Project Manager of JSC “LNK Industries”. He also was the most voted candidate in the “Public voting” on the homepage.

Whereas Evgenijs Demins, the Construction Works Manager of JSC “LNK Industries”, received a writ of gratitude for lifetime contribution to the construction industry.

A writ of gratitude and a special award was also received by Marija Grušinska, the Construction Engineer of JSC “LNK Industries”.

Achievements of our company is based on competent and professional specialists in their field; therefore, we were especially pleased with JSC “LNK Industries” receiving the award “Forge of Specialists” for contribution to professional development of employees.

At the solemn awarding ceremony, our colleagues received gratitude for their loyalty to the industry and honourable service to the engineer's occupation.