The new premium class building 'Club Central Residence II' is open — a new quarter complements the centre of Riga.

In a solemn event the highest-class or premium new apartment building 'Club Central Residence II' was opened at Lāčplēša street 11, underlining completion of the new quarter along Baznīcas street between Lāčplēša and Ģertrūdes street. The centre of Riga has been complemented by an excellent, modern architecture that harmonises with the adjacent historic building. This is one of the largest and greatest projects in the centre of Riga in terms of number, quality, technical facilities and investments of newly built and reconstructed houses as well as a complement of high quality architecture to the city environment. In the central part of the capital such projects — complying with the highest quality standards of real estate — have not been developed lately.

Construction works of 'Club Central Residence II' were carried out by the general partnership LNK INDUSTRIES GROUP, which has implemented many ambitious projects, including the first building 'Club Central Residence' standing next to it.

Member of the Board of LNK Industries AS Jevgenijs Locovs said: “Our task to build a seven-storey multi-apartment building with a basement in the historic centre of Riga was quite a challenge because construction took place in the very heart of Riga. Moreover, we started here with dismantling the existing historic wooden house. In the construction of the object we implemented everything in strict compliance with the design. Each detail, technical nuance, finishing material was carefully matched. This is a long process, but for this kind of object — an elite class residential building — it is natural. The most complicated part of the process was constructing the zero-cycle and superstructure carcass due to having no actual construction site for this new building; it was difficult to find a place to keep materials and even access with heavy machinery. However, we had already taken it into account because it is not easy to build in the centre of Riga, but with good work organisation it can be accomplished. Besides, we had a great experience in constructing the first 'Club Central Residence' building located right next to it on Baznīcas street. It was a cohesive teamwork where co-ordination on construction solutions took place among us — general contractor, architect, client and subcontractors. So due to the scrupulous execution of the works, an outstanding model of a modern architecture building is created, which will delight not only the city-dwellers, but also the new residents. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the client, the project authors, the construction supervisor and our team, who, regardless of the bad weather and various complications, did their work relentlessly in good quality and with all their heart.”

The total area of the newly built premium class housing 'Club Central Residence II' in the corner of Lāčplēša and Baznīcas street is 3990 m²: it is a 7-storey residential building with underground parking and commercial premises on the 1st floor and 28 apartments. The facade of the building is harmonised to the aesthetics of both Baznīcas street and the first building — 'Club Central Residence' — with similar architectural solutions and tonality; while the glass of the facade decoration reflects the surrounding building and provides maximum illumination as well as makes the rooms spacious and full of light. The wooden texture in autumn tones create cosiness and connects with the former historical wooden building on the land plot and the adjacent buildings; whereas the elements of Lielvārde belt are in harmony with the street name in the context of Lāčplēsis (folk hero), the facade also includes the architectural elements of the nearby old Gertrude's church. The interior finishing materials and elements are also selected to meet today's highest-class comfort level to organically integrate into the easy and comfy apartment design.

The house has a spacious lobby with a concierge and a fireplace. The unique identity of the building is complemented by a restored historic ceiling painting of 19th century preserved from the previous wooden building and, as the State Inspectorate for Heritage Protection instructed, it was integrated in the lobby by sophisticated restoration technology.

High-quality finishing materials are used and equipment from the leading manufacturers in the world and modern interior items are placed in the apartments which are offered to potential buyers with full finishing. The floors are covered with high-quality oak or walnut parquet, the sanitary facilities and kitchens display design tile collections, the walls are covered with design wallpapers, high-quality painting and decorative veneered wooden panels. The sanitary facilities are equipped with sanitary ware and equipment of the world's best manufacturers.

The rebirth project of the quarter in Riga centre was commenced in 2013. The new quarter also includes the first 7-storey, 20-apartment premium class building ‘Club Central Residence’, constructed by LNK Industries AS. Its uniqueness and compliance with the world's best project standards was acknowledged by International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) with the prestigious international award Baltic Prix d'Excellence as the best new project in the premium segment in the Baltic States.