Companies of the holding LNK Group receive GRAND PRIX and awards in competition “Latvian Construction Year Award 2018” and “Construction engineer of the year in Latvia 2018”

In a formal ceremony, Latvia's best buildings and builders were identified in 2018, where several prizes were received by projects and builders of the LNK Industries group of companies of the holding LNK Group.

Two sites received the GRAND PRIX awards as the most ambitious and significant projects of 2018. Reconstruction of the bandstand of the song festival in Mezaparks, spectators field of the Song Festival’s bandstand, construction state A, building company LNK RERE.  The commissioning party is the Property Department of the Riga City Council.

The second site of the GRAND PRIX award is the “Construction of additional infrastructure on the Krievu sala”, in Riga, under which 5 construction projects have been designed and constructed. The commissioning party is the management of the Freeport of Riga. The main sub-contractor LNK Industries is included in the joint-stock company “LATVIJAS TILTI” group of companies.

In the nomination “Public Outdoor”, the second place was taken by the site – “Development of a building project for the redevelopment of the stands of the Daugava Stadium, authorship supervision and construction”, the construction company LNK INDUSTRIES Partnership.

However, in the nomination “New Residential Building” multi-apartment building “River Breeze Residence”, at Kugu street 28, Riga, received the 3rd place. The construction company is LNK Industries.

Juris Latvels, the head of construction works for LNK Industries, becomes the owner of the award "Head of construction works of the year 2018” in the contest “Construction engineer of the year in Latvia 2018”.

Representatives of State institutions, municipalities, diplomats, company managers, construction engineers, architects, real estate project developers participated in the final ceremony of the competition “Latvian Construction Year Award 2018” and “Construction engineer of the year in Latvia 2018”. A total of 143 sites were announced for the competition this year.